Back Rounds on Pendlay Row. Tips?

i just cant physically get my lower back to flatten it always rounds during pendlay rows, I dont know what is causing this but it sucks and i cant make strength gains using this workout on stronglifts.

It looks like you don’t have the hamstring flexibility or the low back strength to pull from that low. Try doing it in a rack from the safety bars and see if it makes a difference.

Also, you have a long torso, so your low back has to do a lot of work to stabilize your spine while the weight is being lifted. I would suggest doing a different rowing movement. Your low back will end up being the limiting factor instead of the muscles I think you want to focus on.

Might be the camera angle, but you look like you are going past parallel with your upper body. Bring your hips down some and try it with a more upright back angle.

i went back to the gym today and retried the movement and this is the best i got. Shouldn’t my lower back be getting strong from deadlifts?

You are bending your knees more, which puts some slack on your hamstrings so your low back isn’t pulled into flexion so much, but it is still rounded. I still think you don’t have the hamstring flexibility or the low back stability to perform the exercise, given how long your torso is (that is a big lever arm to work against).

If you can get into the proper position without any weight, gradually increase the weight starting with maybe a twenty pound dumbbell and get a buddy to see at what weight your back rounds. Isn’t there a chest supported rowing machine at your gym you could try? Or maybe T-bar rows?