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Back Rounding at Deadlift Start


Going by feel is a poor approach. Find out what the actual problem is before you start treating it. That’s not just good advice for deadlifting, but for any problem.


Any thoughts OP?


The biggest factor that helped me stop rounding at the start of the lift was to pull all the slack out of the bar. I try to get the bar to almost break the floor, then I pull as hard as I can. Before doing this I would round at the start of the pull, and lockout would be really hard.

The second thing that has helped with rounding and lockout is bracing. I have found that I have to breath at the top to get a really good brace.

I would look to form first, before thinking your glutes / quads are weak. It isn’t going to make you weaker building those muscles, but I think people often go straight to a muscle they think is weak to address an issue in a lift, and often form is the largest issue.


I probably could not with iron plates. With bumpers I could, but 25 lb iron plates would be a 3-4" deficit pull.


That’s why I specified 40kg, so there was no deficit involved. I’m trying to make the OP think about whether he actually has mobility issues that stop him doing the lift or if it’s an excuse to avoid facing up to the fact that he’s just not strong enough. I’m pretty sure I know where my money is.


Lol. OP post a video. There’s so many people here willing to help you. A video for form check would be the easiest way


Everyone here has mentioned very good points. I’d like to add that you should focus on explosiveness. Nothing outrageous, and nothing that knocks you out of proper form. If you’re a slow puller that’s okay, to an extent, but you need to be as tight as possible and braced very well. I pull slow off the floor every single time, and if anything isn’t as tight as possible from my toes to my shoulders the weight will not budge whatsoever. If you have the capacity to explode off the floor do so, but control it. It can easily go from quick and powerful to sloppy and dangerous.

I’d also mention just getting stronger. As everyone has mentioned before, you’re going to have to stay consistent. If your deadlift improves with a certain frequency stay on it as best you can.

To add, you’d fair we’ll just getting some quality weight on your body. Only way I truly broke through the 275 barrier was to slowly put on about 15lbs. I broke the 315 barrier by hammering down my technique until it became a routine habit. Checking your leverages might help too. If your arms are even remotely short, you can test the waters with sumo, or even a squat stance.

Just my thoughts on the matter.


Define appropriate position… because that’s what I’m trying to achieve. So many people say different things online and youtube and at the gym and even here so I just wanted the general basics… like theres a debate about for squat if you’re supposed to sit down as a cue or butt back for cue.


I’ve heard the terms pull slack and break floor and brace a lot and tried researching it but no video really help. I sort of get bracing is just flexing your core super hard while holding your breath but the other two I really have no clue


Will do. I’ll try to sneak one as the gym I go to somewhat band video because some idiot decided to workout naked and pose after every set and grunt every rep so now the gym made it a rule where you cant take a pic or a vid even if you’re clothed


Nah. Not really. It’s like sucking air deep into your lungs to form a big column of air, then squeezing on it really hard with your diaphragm and all of the musculature of your torso.

If you’re bracing really solid you might see spots and worry about pooping a little.


What an interesting gym lol