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Back Rest on Military Presses

The program I’m doing called for seated DB military presses as well as arnold presses today. I used to always use some type of bench with a backrest while doing these, but after a few months of standing mil. presses, I decided to opt for doing them on the edge of a bench with no support. It definitely takes a lot more to stabilize, however, at certain points it felt as if just as much work was going into keeping my back upright as it was pressing with my shoulders.

To my knowledge the argument for not using a backrest is that it works the core more without one, therefore should it therefore be superior to the back rest version? Wanted to get your thoughts on the world of seated dumbell military presses.

If I’m going to bother sitting down for shoulder presses i’m going to use a back rest… otherwise I would just do them standing

thats my view on it at least.

though I could see an argument for seated with no back support. It still works your core and you won’t be tempted to use your legs in the lift. So like most any exercise it has its benifits and short comings, just use what best fits your goals.

I’ve never liked seated shoulder presses. Dumbbells are annoying to get into position and I always feel like I’m going to rip my face off with the barbell version. The only seated shoulder press I’ve ever liked was the Hammer Strength machine they had at my old gym. I’ve since moved exclusivly to military presses and push presses.