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Back Rest in Your Car?

Just wondering if anyone uses any kind of back support in their vehicle? I find that my seats don’t provide adequate lumbar support and it makes long car rides uncomfortable; especially after lifting.

Do you use one? Any recommendations?

Do you think it’s a bad idea to use one?

Do you think I’m being a pussy and should live with it?

i’d be interested in hearing more about this.

i once found that one company sells lumbar supports that you have to install under the seats yourself…too much work thought.

My car (2003 VW Passat) has a built in lumbar support and you are damn right I use it. It helps. Additionally, new studies have shown that the old myth that you should sit “Straight up” is actually not good for the body; rather, a slight recline is better and more natural for your back.

That all being said, at the very least, make sure you have a slight recline in your seat. Getting a lumbar support probably wouldn’t hurt, although I don’t know how neccesary unless you spend a lot of time in your car.

On a side note, I have not seen a car seat ever that looked like one of those lol

EDIT: Here’s a great article on it

That looks like it was made for a work chair. I would love to have one of those at my office.

My jeep has a lumbar support but I don’t realy drive long distances so I’m not to worried about that. I’m more worried about the 8 hours a day I spend at my desk. I’d buy one of those lumbar support inserts.

I even considered sitting on a swiss ball. My wife has one she uses for ab work. I’ve sat on it and it’s almost impossible to have bad posture while sitting on that thing. The trick would be getting it into the office without looking like a dork.

I use a lower back pillow on long trips and it totally helps (it’s a cheap pillow I bought at Target, one of those ones filled with the little bead things). Before I had the pillow I would need to stop and strech my legs every 1-1.5 hours (I need to stop that frequently still, but it’s just cause I need to piss).

The problem I’ve ran into with car lumbar supports is either A.) too squishy and it’s a pancake 3 seconds after sitting down or B.) it doesn’t fit the seat (too long)

I wish my car had a built-in. :tear:

This won’t be helpful at all…but the seats in my Jeep are f**kin’ comfortable and supportive…it’s the reason why I am keeping it forever.

My Mitsubishi Endeavor has adjustable lumbar however even with it at its fullest I get backache if I drive more than about an hr because I am tall and the lumbar support is in the wrong place. I have started to roll a towel up and stick it in my lumbar spine area on long journeys and that works pretty well though it tends to slip out of place if I move around.

Any suggestions on something I could buy that would attach to the seat would be gladly recieved!