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Back Raises at Home


Jim- Gonna give your new program a go. You have any suggestions on how I could do back raises at home? Or a good substitute? Thanks.


start with an empty barbell and do lumbar extensions... get in a romanian deadlift type of position and slowly round and arch your back (safely relaxing and flexing your lumbers) The bar should ride from above your arches to just below your knees. It is similar to below the knee deadlifts but your focusing on flexing your spinal erectors. This is a good move imo


Good Mornings


PLEASE don't do GM's - do Island hypers - put on a ton of ankle weights, rest your torso on the kitchen island and do Island Hypers.

Only "somewhat" acceptable substitution. There is method to the exercise selection.


Do you think GM's are a bad idea just in relation to the workout the original poster is doing or as an accessory lift for deadlifts in general? I love the movement in general but have a tough time programming them when I'm already doing relatively heavy squats and deadlifts. Sorry if I'm missing something or repeating.


He's asking about the program - for this particular program, it is an awful idea. For others, it is a good idea.

You can't just mix and match ideas and programs and principles - everything has a purpose.


Why are you a big fan of hypers?


If your bench at home has one of those preacher curl attachments (and you haven't thrown it away yet) you can rig up a back raise in about 2 minutes.


Jim -

what program are you referring to when you say GM's are a bad choice and hypers should be done instead?


This is in reference to the Beyond 1.1 here on TNation


I do have that attachment still actually. How did you go about rigging it up?