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Back Q and Squats


Well my first question is can you hurt your upper back doing Romanian Deadlifts, I had a compression break when I was 8 and since then hurt that spot a few times nothing that didnt go away in a week or so,(the break was in the upper back) this time it seems to be going away too but I just wanted to ask could it be that i hurt my back doing RDs.

The second question is since my back isnt healed yet I am replacing squats with weighted one legged squats, I was wondering if one replaced squats with one legged squats not for a while but for a long time mayeb for the rest of their life can the same benifits be achieved through one legged squats in terms of muscle gained and verticle explosivness gained?


Honestly you can hurt any part of you doing any damn simple task so Yes it is always possible. Just try and limit the risk through proper form and not using more of a load than you can handle.

20 well yes you could do that on the squats and I would suggest you do unilateral work. It's great. Now no wI think you will; however miss some things. training the ability to move two damned limbs in unison. Plus I think your core will suffer in the long run. Less mass strenght etc. do to the much lowwer load you must use.

Still if an injury stops you then it's all good bro. adapt and dont give up,

Hope that helps,