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Back Pumps

hey fellas,last night i experienced back pumps for the first time and i was’nt even doing back but it was’nt that bad i was doing squats when my lower back started feeling really tight i had to rest for a bit but i gotta tell you guys the ot is working great my legs and arms feel pumped all day long

but anyways kickbxr had written that taurine was good for back pumps i know they should subside but can you guys tell me what i can do meanwhile

nadda damn thing man, just learn to deal with it. or lower your dosage, but you probably are not willing to do that… you will learn from trial and error which exercises you will have to avoid. any time im doing OT, I take a break completely on heavy deads and romanians. good luck


I second that on taking a break from DL’s. I was stubborn about it and pushed on but I would lay on the floor between sets. This was on 100mg/day Anadrol.

thanx guys i was at 50mg then i went up to 62.5mg i was fine for a couple of days yesterday i was doing curls and my back started feeling tight i’am going back to 50mg i have to do dl’s its one of my favorites