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Back Pumps from Fake Anavar?


I'm running 6 weeks of anavar on its own right now just finished a cycle of test-e and dbols. It has been 2 weeks monday (Jan.23) since my last pin of test e and I only ran dbols for the first 4 weeks of my 10 week cycle. Now my question is I have been getting really bad back pumps for the last weeek and a bit since being on anavar.

Talking to a buddy he says that I shouldn't be getting any back pumps and that my Var might be fake and a mixture of either Dbols or anadrol with winny. Is he just full of it or is this a common for some labs to do?

I have been running adex during my cycle and am still running it and am starting nolva monday for 4 weeks then clomid for another four once im done the "var"


Anavar gives me extreme pumps. Much more than DBol, milligram per milligram.

When I was doing hill sprints on 10mg Var the calf pumps were borderline painful.



anavar will give you back pumps.

It would be very easy to tell if your "var" was dbol or drol simply by the weight gain