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Back Pumps / Carbolin 19?


Lately I've been getting crazy lower back pumps, I'm wondering if anyone else experiences these. From what I have read, they feel the same as what people describe with Anavar or Tbol. I literally have to stop and sit or lay down and wait for them to decrease before I can continue my workout.

I am doing TC's Push-Pull workout ( http://www.T-Nation.com/readArticle.do?id=1634829 ) and I have been on the Anabolic Diet for one month. My supplements are Carbolin 19, HMB, ZMA, Tribulus, Flameout, and a MV. No joke, I have put on NINE pounds this month, with very little coming from fat.

There are claims (ie. Biotest) that Carbolin 19 (forskalin) is similar in effect to Anavar -- has anyone else experienced back pumps on this?




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It would be really interesting to see your hormone profile right now.


You're right, Bushy, I'm getting great pumps and growing, without the juice. Back pumps are a small price to pay

I'll see about getting some blood work done...it would be interesting to see what my T levels are (I've never had them checked, though, so nothing to compare to...)