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Back Pump from Oxandrolone?


started my cycle 3 weeks ago - Var only 50 mg per day - Im planning 6 weeks. Im a weightlifter and every time I train i have the sickest back pump- just wanna lay down between sets. During lifting it doesnt bother me and i dont experience it as fatigue.

Any experiences on this any one ?


Maybe it is cut with dbol. That's a common dbol side.



It sucks.

If you get a back pump that bad on Var at that dose, I'd steer clear from dbol at any dose.


Good point.

OP if you don't trust your source 100% it's possible they gave you dbol instead of var. If you get gyno drop it immediately.


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Thanks for the answers guys. Im pretty sure my shit is the real deal. My dealer is a pro and ive dealed with him many times before. Actually it doesnt bother me so much that i HAVE to do something about it.

By the way my var is called Zhonavar from jinan pharmaceuticals and came in the box fresh from the factory


I hate those back pumps. I've gotten them on basically every cycle regardless of what the steroid was. The thing that worked for me was stretching my glutes. It seemed as if the glute and lower back pump were tied in somehow. The more I worked my glutes, the more pumped my lower back would get. I'd stretch my glutes by lying on the floor and pulling my feet toward my face one at a time. Also, try to minimize forward lean when you squat. I have a tendency to lean forward too much, and that pumps my lower back too.


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Pipe down. What are you? A child?

When more than 10% of your posts are accurate/relevant then MAYBE you can say something like that. As of now you just sound like a fool.