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Back Progress Pic

Back gainz are going good. 168cm can you guess bodyweight?

Nice! Guessing 165lbs. Hard to tell because legs & bodyfat% are hard to estimate from the pic

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LOL … maybe i was 165 lbs… 64.7 kilos this morning :+1:t2:

Solid. I’m 171cm at 72kg and my back isn’t much better than that I’d say. What’s your bf%? Do you work your legs?

bf% i dont really know somewhere between 10/13 …
legs pic:

Great back - your upper back looks complete - like you do a wide variety of movement (like those in physical jobs).

What do you do for back/pull Training?

All sort of pull ups, chin ups(weighted), pulldowns and rows (especially high cable rows) and try to progressive overload trough different rep ranges

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