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Back Progress, Any Tips?


Back progress would like some help

No pics showing. Use the Upload button to insert images, not embed tags.

Also, we can’t really offer “tips” without knowing your height, weight, and current training plan.


Can’t see the pics, all I really can do is say snatch grip block pulls and chin-ups. Should sort anyone out. Hold a contraction on each exercise.


im 6’2 weight 215 any way to improve doing pull ups, rows, lat pull down, wanting to increase width and upper middle back size


Upper back (traps and rhomboids, rear delts to an extent) do as I have already stated, snatch grip block pulls, best way to overload your upper back, work up in 10% increments for 8 reps until you can no longer do 8 reps.

Then onto the pull-ups. Do 30-50 depending on how many you can already do, 6 being on the low end and do all the reps in as many sets as possible as fast as you can, try to decrease the sets until you can do 50 reps in 3 sets, then add weight.

Then finish off with some faces-pulls for 2 sets of 25.

That is what I would do anyway, easy and to the point. If you don’t want to do the snatch deads then replace them with barbell rows, but I would urge you not to, people tend to cheat too much and get no-where with them.