Back Probs, Diet and Training?

To start off I’m 6’3" 165lbs and 20 years old. I dont know my BF%, am not cut, but not fat either(obviously, with what I weigh and my height haha).

Anyway, I have done and do some light weight training as well as some cardio. My max weight was earlier this year(mid december) at 175, I had been lifting a lot, eating relatively healthy(also taking a creatine powder…), and was semi-happy with my strength and appearance.

Then I was hit with a bulging disc in my lower back. From the time the pain started to when I found out exactly what it was, my training had decreased but didnt stop. Then when it was diagnosed the doc told me not to do anything for a couple weeks, take some pills, and then start slowly working out while doing physical therapy.

Well it’s been nearly 2 months since the diagnosis, and I know I’m not 100% of what I use to be, but want to get more serious in the gym. My diet isnt perfect, but isnt horrible either, and I am going to start a more precise training program than what I’ve been doing. However, I cannot do anything that can harm my back. Long distance running is killer, as are squats and dead lifts.

Does anyone have any information that might help me out? I’d like to gain some muscle mass(I wouldnt mind being around 185) while keeping lean(or maybe even getting cut). Does anyone have a diet they’d recommend? or a specific training program(keep in mind my back)?

Should I take a supplement along with a new diet and training program for quicker gains, or just stick with the diet and training for now and then later think about a supplement?

Basically I’d like to have the dream of gaining some mass and strength(more so strength) while getting cut, quickly. I’ve been reading through this site for a while and am gaining knowledge, but I figure I might as well ask since it’s the only way I will know something will apply to me based on my information given. Besides there wouldnt be a forum without questions, it’d all just be one thing of “This is what you should do”. Thanks in advance!

I suggest instead of squatting, do leg presses. And also, do more upperbody work-outs(it may be limited, but do what you can). Also, a good way to get fit is to do those bike machines at the gym or just simply ride a bike. It puts no pressure on the back and you are burning fat.

That’s really all I’ve got for you. If anybody has anymore information, please post it because my dad is in the same situation.