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Back Problems At 15


Im only 15 and I have back problems due to lifting a pool table(so stupid). either pulled a disc or muscle badly,it hurt so bad to walk, breath, talk, cough, etc. Its healed now but still hurt every once in a while.

Im worried this will affect my lifting and as I get older be horrible pains. Any suggestions on what i should do, or if I should change my lifts? I normally do bench, LP, dumbells, pull ups, inner and outer theighs. Im afraid dead lifting will hurt my back... And help


I threw my back out when I was 14 playing baseball. Basically couldnt walk for a week. Went to physio, worked back into it slowly, and Im now 17 and havent had any problems since. I think you will be ok as long as its not TOO serious, your young and will recouver.

Just dont do anything stupid like that again and allways make sure to lift properly, train all planes of motion, and stretch. Make sure to get it checked out by a doctor too. Good luck.


Did you see a doctor? What did s/he say?

What do you mean hurts once in a while?


Discomfort is another thing entirely. Go chat with your doctor, my friend.

You also describe a particular event and a pain which is accute not chronic. Alarm bells and klaxons are sounding to see a doctor.

I've recently seen a physio about my shoulder. Nothing was wrong I was told - I just have super loose joints naturally.

This is annoying as my right shoulder fails on me on heavy pressing movements (I'm right handed - this was event which caused me to go saw a doctor). I've been given some exercise to do to stengthen the joint.

My point is. I saw a doctor. Got professional advice. Solved the problem.

Go see your fucking doctor!

Lifting will only make your back stronger and less prone to injury.

Deadlifts? Unless your doctor says that your lower back is injured and tells you not to go for it.

If he does tell you not to, demand he explains why. Not happy? Seek a second opinion.


I was 15 when I had to go see I chiropractor. Took a few sessions and I had to rehab my back/neck but its all good now.


definately see a physical therapist before attempting any kind of training. You can really fuck yourself up if you already have a bad back.

I slipped a couple disks in a wrestling match that still bug me from time to time too. I went to a therapist and did lots of band work, a rom cst machine?? (i think that is what is was called) and lots of other b.s. for three months.

With the band routines outlined, massages, certain stretches and minor chiropractic work by the therapist, my disks slid back in to place after about a month or so. Surgery was an option, but I wanted to try other methods first.

Once re-aligned, i was able to weight train again, but only on the therapists regimen designed to re-strengthen the muscles supporting my back.

I'd say recovery took about a year.

I can now train freely, I am just very careful about form and still hit my back pretty hard to keep the muscles strong.

My back feels agitated from time to time though, especially during the winter, in which case I take it easy for a few days.

Any ways, to sum up, see a therapist. If you don't have insurance, convince your parents to shell out the money. It may be expensive but it will be worth it.

Don't try to ignore the injury, you'll only make it permanent.


Your utmost priority is now to let the back heal.
See a doctor/Physiotherapist etc.

Regarding your training:

Do the bench with elevated feet (knees to your chest) so there is no arching with your back.
Depending on the machine, you might ditch the legpress, cause some tend to compress the spine. Try Lunges, a completely spine friendly exercise if you're in doubt.

Avoid any unilateral dumbell work if you happen to have a weak posture (aka lordosis/ kyphosis/ scoliosis etc.)Also, actively try to minimize posture problems (example military press: instead of sitting down, stand upright and place both feet slightly apart vertically)
After the training, hang for a minute under the pullup bar.

P.S. Unless your ab/adductors need special attention (bad hip, you're a girl with no curves, you do BJJ and want to submit guys through pulling guard alone...) ditch the stupid "inner and outer thighs" exercise and learn to squat after your back is healed.


I forget to mention I did go to the doctor, he said something nothing was wrong and you should be fine. But still about 7 months later it gives me problems.

My gym is pretty small and doesnt have a squat machine, so thats why I do LP. Its more torwards my upper right side is the pain. Inner and outer thighs is for leg strength and definition, and so on. I would go to the doctor, but my mom is quite broke(drivers ed, medical bills, class ring, car, vacations, and alot more). If it doesnt get better ill go to the doctor when i can...


I sprained a muscle in my back when I was 14, from swinging a sledgehammer with poor form.

You either need surgery or you don't. If you don't need it, then you can do everything at home. Stretch, strengthen, rice it.

If you need surgery, then your life sucks.


Have an X-ray done by someone you trust, or someone with good credentials, which shouldn't be hard to fine. http://www.activerelease.com/ go there as well