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Back Problems and Training



I'm what they refer to as a more mature athlete ( 39 and part time, by all means) and train and coach regularly at a MMA club and do fight from time to time. I've been wanting to schedule a fight recently but I have a degenerative disc in my lower back, which quite common I've been assured by my doctor and my chiropratctor.

Every once in a while I will put my back out by over doing things and generally it's not from training. I'll string together a bunch of quality workouts with the guys which includes lots of sparring and rolling but then I will do some dumb sh$t and be out for a week of two.

So I know my time is short, the writing is on the wall. But I want to be able to do what I love for at least 5 more fights. Anybody out there in my situation? If so, is there some sort of protective wrap that you use to support your lower back while grappling? It's very hard for me to lay off and lay back while everyone else is working hard.

thanks for the consideration



Here is the synopsis, 37, Judo for ?? years, since I was 7 so 15 or 20 good years, HS, College and Post college wrestling.
Working around a neck that is becoming more and more immobile.

I am basically retired, I own no more gi’s I "treat"myself with a rolling session maybe once or twice in 2 months, more if I can.

I have been to good chiro’s and a great rolfer. I also do a ton, ton ton of mobility work. pretty much every day.

here is what I try to do most days, some all or more.
also things like cat camels and bird dogs have helped my low back health.

foam rolling

hip mobility

more hip IT band junk

shoulder warmup/mobility

shoulder dislocates a must for me