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Back Problem - Need Direction

I started lifting again after MANY years, almost 2 years ago. Things were going great, I lost a bunch of weight, and was in pretty good shape, still making good progress. I would periodically have some pain in my lower back, just below my waist line, sort of dead center between my hip joints.

I could still lift and function fine. I was running 3 miles a day, 2 days a week (in addition to lifting 3 days a week), and that would cause the same pain occasionally, but not too often.

About last December sometime, the pain in my lower back got worse. Nothing really changed, as far as what I was doing, just the pain got worse. I ended up at a chiropractor, and a PT and have been going there still.

The pain is a sharp pain, that seems to hit when I go from a sitting to a standing position, or if I get my weight off center (on one leg more than the other), and lean or twist ANY. The pain is a sharp shooting pain, that can almost drop me to the ground.

Once up and moving, it is usually fine, until I sit again. When I get up in the morning, there is no pain until I sit, or do anything that impacts that area of my back (stepping off something, walking over uneven ground). I think the pain is from the sciatic area.

I think the chiro just likes to see me weekly, and the PT has had me doing a lot of stretches (hamstring, hip flexors). My mobility and range of motion has increased a ton, but the pain isn’t gone. I have slacked off lifting the last 4 months, until I can figure this out. I thought that doing squats might be hurting things (load on the spine).

But, the bottom line is: I have no freakin clue what is wrong, or which way to turn for help. I have a high tolerance for pain, and the pain it causes can just about drop me. I want to start lifting again, but I need for this to get better. If any one has ANY advice, or opinions on what to do, or who to go see, I would appreciate it.

I have looked up sciatic pain, and while my pain seems to originate from that area, I do not have ANY pain down either leg, or anywhere else. I would appreciate ANY help. Its pushing 6 months, and I am getting desperate.


It is absolutely impossible to “diagnose” something as complex as this over the internet.

It’s even hard to take an “educated guess” since there are about a dozen complete different causes for pain in the lower back.

Your best bet is to stop any activity that is causing the pain (obviously) and go see a specialist.

thanks. i am going to make an appointment this week. Just curious, would you recommend an orthopedic or an osteopath?


[quote]roguefishr wrote:
thanks. i am going to make an appointment this week. Just curious, would you recommend an orthopedic or an osteopath?


I would try to find either of who is specializing in sports-related injuries.

Here in Europe, we don’t really distinguish between the two (or at least, i don’t know i single Osteopath), both ‘types’ of medical practice (surgeons and physicians) are called orthopedic.

But anyone who is specializing in musculoskeletal system-related problems should at least tell you were to go, if he/she isn’t able to find a solution.

I’ll second the specialist recommendation. If the sports docs dont pain out here is another option.

I work for a ‘Interventional Pain Specialist’ and we treat MANY patients who have similar symptoms. In the US, search for a MD OR a DO who specializes in either the field above or in ‘chronic pain management.’ They deal with this kind of pathology daily.

What I have seen first hand is that several different types of injuries with those symptoms, from nerve impingment to disc issues, is difficult to diagnose and treat correctly by non-specialists and you will get a lengthy and expensive run around. Expect to have an MRI or other imaging performed (expensive). If the first doc does not get rid of the pain, dont hesitate to seek help elsewhere. The back is not a place to try to ‘tough out’ an injury. I may be a little over zealous in my response but give me a break, its my job to be overly cautious in this area.

Anyways, best of luck!

thank you both very much for the replies. I have an appointment made for next week.

Thanks again,

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