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I am currently bulking. 6'2 195


Cool story bro. I'll give you the honest feedback the other 50 people or so are afraid to give.

Time to cut. Get off the AAS. Your back is huge and ripped and lean and you are a genetic freak.

this is obviously


I'm natural.


this is obviously


This is obviously what?


THIS is obviously.


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Hi, I'm Buddaboy. And I'm an alcoholic.

Just kidding; well kind of....

I'm 6.2 and I'm about 225 at the moment (last weighed myself a week ago) your arms look decent (better than mine) enough so I'd guess your legs are lacking? I'm not being an asshole, just saying I'm 30LB's heavier than you and the same height and I don't look huge.

Guys our height need to be flirting at around at least 240 with less than 12% BF before they start looking like 'bodybuilders' I'm not saying you can't look good being lighter but this is a bodybuilding site, and this is a forum in which physiques will be judged by bodybuilding standards and scrutinized!

Maybe repost in the performance shots forum if your goal is to build more muscle and go the 'bodybuilding route'

I know most mens health models are 6 footish and weigh around 180 'ripped/shredded' and I'm sure they get tons of pussy-but they're not bodybuilders and this isn't mens health...

Good luck traveling your chosen path...