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Back Pain

yesterday i was doing some reverse band rack pulls off of the 3rd pin. i didnt warm up before my first set (usually do some xband walks) and hit 5 reps with 225 (real easy). i went to do it again as to show my buddy what to do and felt something pull in my lower back. i waited a bit then went on to finish my workout. it felt fine last night.

i woke up this morning and could barely move without pain. it feels like its right in the middle of my back, maybe i did something my spine(?). the only time it isnt hurting is when im laying down.

anyone know what i did or what i should do>

Try taking a nap.

Get it checked out. Doctor, chiro whoever…people on the internet are not qualified to diagnose you without seeing you. Could be a disc issue, bulging or what not.

Good Luck,

Rad Eddie

Ps, Get some ice on it right away.

The problem obviously started with your having a glass back.

I don’t know what the fuck you did.

Go to the goddamn doctor, and quit pretending that anyone on here - regardless of education level - is qualified to diagnose your problem.

Or, you know, just see if it gets better on its own.