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Back Pain


Hi, i'm a competitive powerlifter, and i have back sore every morning, i stretched each day before going to bed, (i have a good therapeutic bed), i stretch a bit after a dead or squat workout for about 3-5 minutes.

But i think i don't stretch correctly, does some one have exercice or tips to avoid morning back sore? or am i normal to get back sore every morning of my powerlifting life? thanks a lot to help me and my back. If you have pics of stretching it would be nice, thanks again.
- dave


Dave -

Check out Eric Cressey and I's "Magnificent Mobility" DVD in the Biotest Store (top left hand corner). It goes over a ton of active stretches to help you improve your flexibility and mobility. You're bound to be sore after heavy training sessions, but hopefully this will help!

Stay strong


Thank you, i checked his web site and i will probably buy his dvd in the next month.. tahnk you again


I don't know how you feel about chiropractors but it has helped me. I knoe that alot of professional athletes use them to.