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back pain

I hurt my back about 3 weeks ago, (lower back while doing rows, it was already paining from sitting in my shitty chair all day). WHat would everyone suggest for recovery? Right now I’m doing my regualr workouts, however I have to avoid any horizontal pulling movments, such as rows, stiff deads, because it hurts to much. I’d really like to get back to normal quickly, thanks in advance.

I’m not doctor, but I have “tweaked” my lower back doing squats in the past and bits the big one. Regardless, all I have done is “active” rest. I tried to stay away from doing squats for awhile and I just made sure to sleep on a firm surface at night. Usually, within a week I was good to go.

suck it up.

The muscles will try to seize up/contract to prevent further injury which is bad for you in the long term. I would experiment with light warm up type activity followed by light stretching.
If you cease all activity you will get scar tissue build up which is also a chronic injury causal factor. Continued exercise at an intensity less than that required to re-injure the area or cause too much swelling in the early stages of injury should prevent this, bearing in mind that the internet is no place to prescribe or diagnose only to share info. If you know a decent professional they could diagnose?
Westside are particularly fond of the reverse hyper machine. After trolling the FAQ in the ab prgrams for example you could also try paul checks headache causing articles on core training (back strong & beltless 1 & 2)chekinstitute.com/articles.cfm
Hope it helps, lets see what the others have to say.

Usually these things are not as sudden as they feel. It’s usually the straw that breaks the camel’s back after a long history of bad posture and possibly bad exercise form. So just in case you’ve done something like that unintentionally, the best thing you could do would be see a chiropractor, preferably one that deals with athletes. When I hurt my back, it wouldn’t go away until I took a break, improved my posture, and took the rest of the chiropractor’s advice. Good Luck!

Become very good friends with your Chiropractor. First name basis, Christmas cards, maybe even the occasional beer. Nothing like walking in unannounced and getting “tweaked”. Just like banging your head against a wall…it feels good when it stops.

I also use Advil to ease up those pesky muscle contractions. Bad backs suck, inattention makes them worse. Take care of it!

“There is no coming to consciousness without pain”

~ Carl Gustav Jung