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Back Pain

A couple of weeks ago I kind of injured my back when doing heavy deads. I know its my fault, I went too damn heavy and on the last rep of my last set and I just got this horrible pain in my lower back. Well I took a week off and the pain subsided, so I headed back to the gym this week. The back was feeling ok, even surprisingly good when I did squats, but I did 1 set of deads, extremely light weight, in fact I just really did it to see if I felt anything, and of course I did. I have never really had back problems, but for the next month or so I am just going to get ride of deads from routine. I can still do hypers with no pain and stuff though. Right now though, after that set of deeds, it hurts when I bend over to tie my shoes. Anyone got any suggestions about what to do. My form is good, except when I got stupid and went too heavy…
I know rest is the only thing that will help it, but should I just throw out all lower back work or just deads since those are what are giving me the pain

back injuries rarely go away on their own, even with rest. so see a chiropractor, or even better an ART practitioner.

You might consider seeing your chiropractor.

Definitely go see a chiropractor, but see one that does ART too. I just got back from my first appointment with a new guy, and ART is unbelivable. I’m seeing him for a neck/trap problem, but I used to see a different Chiro for low back issues. Be sure to find one that’s sports oriented though. Otherwise he/she may not understand your goals as far as training goes.