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Back Pain With Squats

Hi everyone
When I squat my lower back feels extreme pain. But when I deadlift I almost don’t feel anything in my lower back. My squat form seems alright. Last night I did 10 x 3 with regular deadlifts and 5 x 5 with stiff leg deadlifts and my lower back was perfectly fine during and after. But if I squat, even with lower weight it hurts a lot. If anyone knows what my problem is I would really appreciate the help.

It could be a form issue, esp. because deads seem to work ok.

Robertson on Squatting:

Can you do bodyweight squats without pain? Do you have any pain whatsoever in everyday life? I guess if that area is injured, then doing some stretches for low back or hamstrings would make you feel the pain too. But, if it’s not an injury, it has to be form.

All of my lumbar disc are degenerative and/or herniated. Deadlifts have always felt better to my lower back than squats. Lower back pain is hard to make sense of and even baffles the best of doctors.

Also I think you over did it with training stiff leggs with your conventional deads IMHO.

Do you squat in the same week as you do deads?

Im not injured, there is just something with squats that agitates my lower back. I do a leg day with squats(10 x 3) and romanian deads(5x5) after two days rest. Then I have another three days before my deadlift workout. Im gonna try experimenting different ways of squating.

do you wear a belt?Some would disagree with me on this,but if you do ,stopwearing one.Go back down to about 40% 1rm,and work your way back up over the course of a few weeks.I wore a belt for years,ever going heavier on squats.Backpain kept getting worse,right above my waist.I was told to lose the belt but I was stubborn…It seemed so contradictory to everything I was ever taught.

Back pain got so bad I couldnt put the plates away when I was done,and had to leave as soon as squats were over in my leg wo.

Finally I decided it was "try something new or stop squatting"Well I wasnt gonna stop squating…so I lost the belt for squats and dl,beleive it or not.Last saturday I set new pr in squat.Not gonna mention weight because 1.Im really a bbuilder not plifter

2.its beside the point
what Im telling you is In just 3 months of squatting with no belt(2x a week)I am squatting more wieght than I ever did before with a belt .The best part?0 back pain!true story.

I don’t waer a belt. I’ve never even thought about wearing a belt. This is a long shot but I wonder if it has anything to do with my feet. I’ve got flat feet,really flat. Maybe the lack of foot support is affecting my back when I have a large load on my shoulders.

now Im truly stumped

Do you realize what you’re saying? “There’s a significant dysfunction, but nothing’s wrong.” Sounds pretty stupid, doesn’t it?

It’s a lot easier to shift the load off the spine when deadlifting by cheating with form. Go see a chiropractor NOW, there’s something fucked up.