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Back Pain with Barbell Rows

I’ve been having some lower/mid back spine pain from when I do bent over rows… yet I am not sure what part of my form is causing it, I have experimented a bit yet over the course of a several weeks it has still not been fixed.

My usual stance is about a 45 degree bend, back arched, head forward, knees slightly bent.

Does anyone have some experience with this or know what to do to avoid this? I am going to try to get a video of myself soon, which I will put up though if anyone has some feedback just from the text description I’d appreciate it


Are you aggravating the pain with the rows or are the rows the cause?

Aggravate, now that you mention it. I think it originally started from squatting problems. I was also doing military presses kneeling (low ceiling) and these really fucked my back up once I was using a fair amount of weight (I just stopped doing these a few weeks ago and replaced with seated dumbells). I was doing both of these exercises before I ever started bb rowing.

I also occasionally get spine pain from incline pressing and curling.

I’m a foolish wreck lol. For quite awhile now its been a game of just trying to damage my joints slightly less than they are able to heal so that they hopefully get better over time. Obviously all of these issues need to be addressed, and I’ve slowly been trying to. Pain from curling is just irresponsible, squatting I can feel when I do it wrong. Its really the rows and incline presses mainly that I can’t seem to fix.

Which reminds me, on an incline press, should your back be arched, and should there be any leg drive?

  1. Go to a doctor and/or physiotherapist

  2. Take some time off

  3. Reset any weights that you thought you could handle and start using weights you can fully control. Everyone gets a little sloppy as we try to progress but when it turns into an injury then you need to assess what you’re doing to maintain your health.

  4. Research proper form, watch videos read posts, ask questions.

About the incline, don’t use leg drive just keep your feet firmly planted. You can use a slight arch but don’t let it get too exaggerated. Make sure you’re retracting your shoulder blades on all presses.

Try stretching your hams

[quote]Akuma01 wrote:
Try stretching your hams[/quote]

THIS! i cannot do BB rows due to back pain if i have tight hams.

Thanks for the advice. I don’t think I’m going to take time off, but I will deload a little bit and just avoid the trouble exercises until this gets healed up. I’ll do some stretches in the meantime and see how it goes.

I think the problem with the incline was probably using my legs too much at the end of sets and putting some pressure on my back. Another subtle thing I was wondering, but should your head be resting on the bench?

I have this problem with BB bent rows, but DB bent rows cause no pain.