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Back Pain Whist Looking Down


I’ve been struggling with some back pain for a while, nothing too serious but it seems to be a frequent problem that I keep triggering. I’m not sure if it’s a posture problem or a muscle tightness, I have poor flexibility in the lower body so most likely it’s something in that area.

Currently if I look down whilst standing it causes a pulling sensation in lower/mid back and a little bit of pain, looking down whilst seated does not cause the same problem, which makes me think standing is causing tightness somewhere. I have had a bit of a constant ache and keep waking up feeling pretty stiff, in the back.

I could try not looking down but I’m not sure if I can do my job without looking down!

Any ideas?



Similar, I wouldn’t even call mine pain, just noticeable tightness right in mid back on both sides of my spine.


Personally, cat/camels open up my mid back a lot, might be worth a shot.


Will have to Google them thanks.