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Back Pain When I Straighten Up


I respectfully ask the following question. Please forgive me if it has already been addressed. I am a powerlifter. I have lower back pain. The pain is kind of peculiar. When I re-rack the weight after I do squats and step back and STRAIGHTEN up I get a sharp pain in my lower back. Also when I unload the weight after I dead and STRAIGTEN up and step back the pain in my lower back is great. I have been put on anti-inflammatory meds and muscle relaxers, which alleviate the pain, but do not make it disappear. Do any of you all know what is going on?

I kindly ask the question to you all with great respect. Thank you very much.


I’m dealing with a lower back problem myself so I know it’s frustrating. I guess I’m wondering if you had to pinpoint the lower back pain where exactly do you feel it? Right smack in the middle of your lower spine or more to the sides in your erectors? Does it continue to hurt all the time afterwards? Does your lower back feel like it’s constantly tight? How does it feel when you stretch your lower back out?