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Back Pain / Tiredness?

For the last three weeks one of my female athletes has been experiencing a mixed feeling of being tired / having a bit of pain in her back. Specifically it?s in the thoracic region on both sides of the spine. She has a tender area in the erector spinae in this area.

She can sprint and jump without any pain. She sometimes get this tired feeling in her back, but it?s not that bad.

It seems to be provoked by backsquatting. She can lift without pain, but the tired feeling is present when lifting gets to around 75 % of 1RM. Especially putting the bar back in the rack seems to provoke the feeling.

Deadlifting does not seem to provoke the same reaction.

She has a somewhat kyohotic back.

Her strength levels:
Backsquat: 5x65kg
DL: 1x90kg

After it appeared she has been treated by a Chiropractor, who located a facet syndrome. This has been corrected now, but the tired feeling remains. In the thoracic part of her Erector Spinae the muscle is hard and tender - she doesn’t feel tense in her back though.

What?s your take on this? I am bit in the dark here. Insufficient back strength? Overtraining? Anyone?

Man it could be just general fatigue the lower back can take a beating with real lifting compounds over head work etc. It may just be simple overuse and not recovering.

Foam roller that sucker and have her rest for a week do exercises that dont so much hit the back load the spine for a week see if that helps.