Back Pain that No One can Solve

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  1. One thing, you are really starting to over analyze everything. Just do the corrective exercises as prescribed and I’m sure you will see results. If there is still a discrepancy after a while, then begin to look to do more focal work on one side of the other, but at this point, your whole body needs work so don’t ignore anything.

  2. The shoulder is probably lower due to something further down the kinetic chain - like your hips. You probably have some upper body limitations contributing as well, but i can’t tell for certain based off of the information you have presented.

  3. Better posture = Better kinetic chain linkage = no leakage of power transmitted through torso/limbs = increase power of strikes.
    If you have better posture, it would be likely to assume that your glutes are active and strong, your hips are mobile, your lumbar stabilizers are strong, your tspine is mobile, and your scap stabilizers and rot cuff are strong, so the power (which will initiate from your hips) will transfer well from the start and through your body without much energy leakage.

So from your history: you had a shitty base to start, going into shitty technique using a BB split, stopped strength training all together due to issues, and decided to increase volume/intensity of running, which is a highly repetitive activity, while you had poor activation/motor patterns and biomechanics. You are correct in that you have a lot to correct. Were you doing any kind of exercise to try and correct any issues you had?

Honestly, I’m hoping that you are able to get most of your stuff resolved from A&C, but with your history and the amount of issues you seem to have, you may benefit from going to see a professional for help with it all as well.[/quote]

  1. Yes i often over-analyze, i am just a very perfectionist person and get easly frustrated if things aren’t going ‘perfect’. Ok, so i’m just gonna do equal correction on both sides for every issue i find. But you know the thing is i am worried that i go too far with the corrective exercises. I mean like doing too much anti-scapular winging exercises and ending up with a too ‘scalped in’ wings (the opposite). This is what i don’t understand, will i come to a ‘good end’ or can i pass behind the ‘sweet spot’ and end up worse with the correcting exercises? If YES maybe i’ll just have to post pics every 2-3 weeks so people can tell me when to cut off exercises.

  2. Thanks for confirming this. More motivation for me on getting things right.

While having my issues i did some correcting exercise yes. I did alot of static stretching on my hip flexors and hamstrings. I did a lot of static pec/shoulder stretching. I did glute activation exercises but not consistent enough, above that some of the exercises seemed to make my lordotic angle way worse! Some extra ab/core training, which somewhat helped by giving me tighter abs, but more likely temporaly. After bench pressing i always did good stretching on my pecs, and after squatting good stretching on my hip flexors. But all this effort together didn’t help much.
Oh and before buying A&C, i tried the free Neanderthaler No More, after my first 3 rolfing sessions. Guess what, after the first day i came back crying inside (not literally) from frustration. After doing the first day’s workout, i had even more pain around my upper back, hips and knees, and my posture looked even worse. It was because i couldn’t sustain form due to my issues, and that is something they should have been more clear about when writing a program about correcting posture which involved exercises that already kind of require good posture. But i am glad the exercises from A&C seem way lesss ‘requiring good posture to be able to complete’

About professional help, the only professional help that helps me at the moment is my Rolfing therapist (which i have to cross the border for cause my country doens’t have any rolfers).
For the rest i spent hundreds of euros on wasting my money and making my pains worse on Chiropractors, doctors, orthopedic therapist, manual therapisy etc. I live in a somewhat mentally low level country, which is Belgium.
Basicly no one around me can help me, i would be GLAD to pay good money for a professional, but this time to really help me.

All the “good” advice i get from these professionals in change for my hard earned money is things like:
‘These orthopedic soles will surely help you get rid of your hip and back pains’ COST : 130 euro for a pair of useless soles which gave me knee and groin pain.

‘After this cracking session your back pain will be much better’ COST : 50 euro for nothing
‘Oh, after this one i’m pretty sure your back pain will be gone’ COST: Again 50 euro for nothing
‘Oh it might be something else that’s wrong, i’ll do some fascial release techniques on you, this will surely remove your back pain, but it is possible that you need to come one more last time’ COST: And again ripped off for 50 euro
‘Oh hey, if after this session it’s not getting any better, then i can not help you anymore.’ And again ripped off for 50 euro by the same guy, so i paid 200 euros to this guy for getting known that he can Not help me at all, without even apologizing, i never heard the word Sorry from him.

‘For correcting your big belly and back pain you need stronger back muscles,train your back more!’ Oh for this money i also had the following great advice included: ‘You can’t change your posture, this is how your body is!’ COST: 30 euro for TWO pieces of shit advice. What a great deal, two for the price of one!
… and much more…
Note that one of the chiro’s who ripped me off had all special recognitions hanging on his wall in the trend of ‘Best Chiropractor of Belgium’ ‘Prestige Chiro of Belgium’ ‘Certified bla bla’ If you ever hear something in the trend of ’ … best of BELGIUM’ be sure that it means literlly shit :wink: Don’t ever waste your money traveling to this country also.

If you can recommend me a real professional or what to look for please feel free to tell me, i will be happy to spend my money on him if this time it isn’t a ripoff. Which type of therapist do i have to look for to provide me with real correcting analyzation and exercises? Not just gimmicks.

If you want to read a more full story of my failure with the Neanderthal No More program and about my frustrations with the Belgian “Professionals” feel free to read my other topic:

Yes yes a very sad but true story :slight_smile: