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Back Pain: Possible Reason?


after i deadlifts, i'll have pain in the two areas in the photo, not muscle pain. what could be the possible reason for that?

P.S. i've support myself in a corner and do kind of leg press, to push down a small tree. after that, i've feel some kind of pain. that pain will come back when i do more abs exercise, or even deadlift.


It could be due to an unbalanced program. That could include anything from stretching to antagonist muscle strength or size. I suggest you look at your routine and check it for balance. I hope that helps.


thanks for that...

you're right, i've muscle imbalance.but those imbalance are between L/R legs, and L/R shoulder.

those two areas in the photos, my pain comes from cramping(hope i type this right), when i bent down to right side(like dumbbell side bend),the right area will be so tight that makes me stretch them immediately...

i guess i may have hurt something, but don't know what that area is...not the lats muscles...


i think that it might be from have an unstable shoulder girdle and since those muscles stabilize the shoulder, a shoulder problem would lead to excessive stress in the back.


but will the stupid action i've done in the past(leg-press the tree, support myself at the corner)that hurts something??

i forgot to tell, i've pain in the ribs around those area when i take some very deep breath....