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Back Pain/Injury Help

Hey guys, I was front squatting yesterday and “tweaked” my back a bit, I leaned too far forward at the bottom. I was able to finish the sets without pain, but now I have noticed a particular range of motion that is painful.

If I keep my back straight or arched, head up, no pain at all. I can bend at the hips no problem. If I am sitting and tilt my head forward (like I’m looking at my feet) I get a twinge of pain about halfway down my back. If I round my back or round my back AND tilt my head the pain is fairly bad…not entirely debilitating but bad enough to make me want to avoid that range of motion.

I’ve tried some yoga stretches, “bow and arrow” seems to work somewhat (lying on the stomach, you grab the ankles and arch the back) but nothing will make it go away.

I am going to be careful with load-bearing exercises that put weight on my spine, and will definitely wait for the pain to go away and then test with very light weight.

My question is can anyone guess what I did? I am unfamiliar with spinal injuries, and am not sure how severe this is, but I sure as hell don’t want to make it worse.

I’m actually experiencing the same thing right now. I hurt mine doing heavy goodmornings. It’s happened to me before several times and I wish I knew exactly what I did but it goes away with a week to 2 weeks. For now just ice it at night and yes ease up on the heavy stuff. Stretching helps a lot also. Sitting for long periods of time also aggrevates it so avoid that too.

I am also goin through this… its not enough to keep me out of physical activity, but it is noticable… i did it yesturday messin around with a football, if anyone knows how i can help the pain or prevent it from happening again please help us out

I think the best way is to avoid the painful ROM. For me that’s easy, since I don’t round my back very often, or tuck my chin (that’s what hurts).

I’m going to take a really cold shower tonight and tomorrow.

Rock climbing (pretty tough workout with lots of variation) didn’t aggravate it at all, so I will go on about my business for now.

Any suggestions are really appreciated.


Well when I herniated 2 discs a couple years ago in football I experienced the same symptoms. But to what sounds to be a much more sever level of discomfort. Regardless you need to find out the extent of the damage. I.e. see a Dr.
The exercise that helped get back to squatting and other things the most was prone bridging for developing my core strength.
Good luck