Back Pain From Squats/Leg Press

after, i combine deadlifting olympic squats and leg presses together in the same week, the next morning i cannot even get out of bed without tremendous pain.

should i go see a doctor, or is this common?

see a doctor

Back off for a while and continue then with deadlifts and frontsquats. Omit leg presses. If pain comes back, back off and continue with starting to rotate them, even leg presses, if you want to.

See a doctor, definetly. When you return to training, make sure you’re using good form. There’s plenty about it here.

[quote]graphicsMan wrote:
see a doctor[/quote]

If your pain doesn’t subside after getting out of bed, if moving around during the day causes you pain, you’d better see a doctor.

Raul_900013, you wrote this on another thread:
“i’ve actually been on crutches after the first couple of months that i started squatting.
i recovered with no problems.”
You’re an idiot or amusing yourself, which in this case leads to the aforementioned conclusion, too.

thank you karva for the wonderfull example of how to screw it up even worse.

You clearly don’t know how to do those movements correctly. You also have no problem solving ability at all because you could not decide to see a doctor when you were in so much pain you were unable to get out of bed.

Honestly, what did you expect to hear? How about “No, everyone who does those lifts has excruciating pain and has to stay home in bed on a regular basis”. Or maybe “Being in such severe pain you can’t accomplish normal daily activities is no cause for concern, by all means repeat the activity that caused it and don’t seek medical help.”

If you don’t have more sense then that, there’s no help for you.

well thanks, because i went to see a doctor thank you now over 7 years ago because i thought i was crippled for freaking life.
i could not moved freely nothing, i was on crutches for like three months.
did that stop me? no.
i kept at it, and am now doing so great.
just wanted to see what you all had to say.