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Back Pain From Dead Lifts


Recently I've been dead lifting more weight and more often and my back has been bothering me... im only 16 so i shouldn't be having back problems..... but some1 suggested that im using my back too much and not doin the dread lift properly, i think i may have pulled something in the upper right side of my back... If anyone has any suggestions or stretches i can go to help/prevent this, it would be greatly appreciated


whenever my back has gotten sore from squats or deads, i've noticed it's because my back is doing too much of the work - reason being the weight is too much for me to handle without 'assistance' from my back.

Drop your weight and get your form right.

I also find chiropractic great for maintaining back and overall joint alignment when I'm under a lot of stress from heavy lifting.


Yes chiropractic checkups should be in your future. Not that anything serious is wrong, but the way T-Nationers throw weight around adjustments help so much.

You said upper right side of the back. This may not be your case, but here's a scenario that I went through last December. The upper right side of my back was killing me. It was actually from overtraining. My Chiropractor said that my CNS was fried so to speak. I was training very hard with compound movements, sprints and plyos, all of which give your CNS a beating. Because of my CNS being "fried", it caused my rib to go out. When that happened the muscles in my upper back (right side) tensed up really bad. I had to get my back and ribs adjusted and do some light therapy (some kind of shock ultra sound thingy). The therapy was to loosen the muscles so they don't lock up and throw my upper back out of wack again. Since the muscles were so tense, my back would go out again and I would have that pain. 3 or 4 treatments and I was set.

Your pain may be from deadlifting, it may be because of overtraining (my situation) or it could be something else. Usually the serious injuries occurring from an inpropor deadlift result in lower back trama. The upper back injury your facing may be a strained muscle, or it could be the muscles reaction from your back being out of alignment.

Again, I would suggest seeing a chiro and getting a massage. Your injury shouldn't be serious (but I'm no DR.) so don't stress yourself over it. Seek some treatment from a qualified pro.


Chiropractic "medicine" is highly controversial.

I'm not going to say one way or the other about its effectiveness, but I do know that there are some shady business practices out there in the Chiro world.

Check out this website:



Hmm, the only "pain" I'll feel is muscle soreness the day after, or crazy lower back tightness after doing some deads... which stretching and tensing the abs helps (so I can be sure it isn't injury pain).

My max is only a little over 400, so maybe when I get to heavy weights I'll start to notice other effects.

Look into your form. You don't want to be doing anything bad for your back!


thanks guys, i just took a heating pad off and it feels great right now... also i slept on the floor last nite so that may of helped... but if it keeps bugging me ill look into getting it checked out. thanks again


THe EC and Mike R article "get your butt in gear" made my back pain vanish almost over night.

I really can't over state how much it helped. My back was very sore for 3 weeks prior to starting the stretches and exercises in it and within 5 days I was back to normal.

And as an added side benefit, the increased flexibility helped to stop me falling forward out of the hole in squats!


Not nearly as many as in the medical err I mean "real" medical field,once again for the cheap seats one of the leading causes of death in the U.S. last year was improper diagnosis/improper drug prescribing...thank you though we have not heard from the voice of ignorance for a couple weeks...wonder what all of the pro sports teams,olympic teams/athletes etc think of being "duped" by these quacks?


yes good advice although if not as serious do a set of crunches in between dead lifts to loosen up the lower back and turn your abs on


You probably need to be doing work for your booty. Supine bridges, bird dogs and the like to get your glutes working. In between the bridges and bird dogs I like to stretch my TFL/ITB and my hip flexors. Do that cycle, glute activation/stretch a few times before, and even in between your sets and see if that helps.