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Back Pain From Cleans

I recently hurt my back doing cleans. Today
while I was doing squats my back was hurting. Should I rest, or just ignore the pain?

Experience is teaching me to let my pains repair themselves with time and rest, or else they can get angry and very very spiteful.

A back pain is something I wouldn’t push the envelope with, that’s just my opinion, I’m not an expert nor a doctor.

Both moves defiantly put a lot of stress on the spine. It could be a sore lower back or a real connective tissue injury or muscle injury. If you think it’s just mild enough to be soreness then you should adjust your workout so you aren’t doing cleans one day and squats the next. Do them both in the same day or do them with a day in between for your spine to rest.

it could be that you have a weak lower back/abs and might need to work on bringing that up with romanium deadlifts and good mornings.
Maybe cutting back on belt usage would help that too.

Are you arching your back too much? It’s really easy to hurt yourself like that when doing any big compound movements (atleast in my experience). I would say to try and make sure your spine is as nuetral as possible. No rounding, and no big arching.


What level of pain is it?

1 - only when you flex
2 - very light all the time, moderate when you flex
3 - moderate to intense all the time

If it’s two or three, I would say take some time off. Also, get yourself a weight belt.

As far as cleans go:

For clean and press I like to scissor my legs out a little bit for stability, and it also keeps my back straight. Then again, I’m not training for the olympics and could care less if it’s proper or not because it saves my back.