Back Pain Evaluation in Philadelphia Area

Hey guys,
I was wondering if anyone in the Philly area could help me with a evaluation on my lower back pain. I have had soreness and pain that has prevented me from workouts for 6 months now. I have seen a ortho, 2 PT’s and a chiro that have not been able to give me any relief. I have had an MRI and and X-Ray that only revealed a slight bulge at L4-L5 which i do not believe is the source of my pain.

I have read two of McGill’s books, every article on T-Nation and several others.
I think that stretching my hip flexors/ hip mobilization has helped slightly but i really would feel better with a set plan of attack and an expert advice.

If you know anyone that you have had success with and you feel is a good source please let me konw.

Thanks T-Nation!

I know you already consulted with two PT’s but were either of them Mckenzie certified? If not, I would seek out a Mckenzie certified therapist. They specialize in back problems and tend to be much more skilled with treatment and management. If you are willing to go into jersey, I know Strive physical therapy in Moorestown has Mckenzie certified therapists.

I have had a bad back with normal MRI for about 10 years, and have tried EVERYTHING short of surgery for it! Chiropractic still seems to work best for me when I need it, but I live in the Midwest so I can’t recommend anyone in the Philly area. Most chiropractors I have been too are pretty similar though. I just started doing exercises in an ebook that I bought ( and I am feeling a difference after a few weeks. The book talks about the importance of rehabbing the multifidus muscles in ways that are pretty different from what I have done with various PTs. It’s almost yoga-like. Definitely a great read with a lot of interesting information besides the exercise plan. In any event, good luck you!

Have you ever heard of spinal decompression therapy? Lots of DC’s do it in their practices these days. Look for someone who has been doing it for a while and in addition does specific adjusting, not just the standard “rack-n-crack”. I know of a great, affordable practice in the Trenton, NJ area. Probably too far for you but if you want the info let me know.

I made the mistake of really not questioning my PT, I think one of the most important aspects of any professional help is to be constantly asking questions and bringing up points. So no i do not know if they are McKenzie Certified.

I emailed Jim Smith who put the topic up on another website and i found a place in Colmar. I just went to see him today and it was the most complex and detailed evaluation and assessment i have ever had. I am going to continue to stretch, foam roll and activate the key muscles and most important be aware of my pelvic positioning.

Pain, i have actualy been on that site and i think watched some videos on youtube, i do currently do some stretching and activiation exercises that are on there. Are you limited in the gym from your pain?

Veggie, i will check out the therapy online and get some info on it.

Thanks alot guys