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Back Pain: Deadlifts, Warning Signs?

i’ll ask my 3 questions straight up before i start ranting

  1. what are the warning signs that one might slip a disk
  2. anybody else feel it in their lower back squatting 3x a week and dling? not pain or even pressure, but just feel it?
  3. if i worked up to 87.5% of my 5rm on deadlift, chickened out at the last second before doing 100% cause of a lil back pain, how long should i give it to heal?

yea so wed i was warming up, and 135, one thirty frickin five felt tough on my back, like my back was stiff and didn’t wanna cooperate. at 162, i have no problem squatting 265 for reps and did that on mon. i check my form like CRAZY all thes fuckin morons out there i see, none of em do it right, either cause they quartersquat, bend the hell out of their knees without going paralell, or round their back.

I do NONE of these; in fact sometimes im extra paranoid and think im using too much weight cause i dont feel im going deep enough when i go below paralell. deadlifting… i do that on wed (bill starr 5x5 just ended the 4week warmup). I do em sumo style. again, i was taught the correct way to do those, and i’ve had old lifters come up and TELL me (and then recommend wrist wraps, no ty).

I do a sumo stance particulary cause i feel it puts less pressure on the lower back and i never had a problem with it. i had the form right and everything, 135 came up like air, no problem. 265 however, started causing a lil pain. now i dont know if i screwed up my form that one time, though i KNOW i screwed it up last week.

some one got too close to the bar so i leaned to the right a lil away from them and readjusted my feet. obviously leaning is bad, but im pretty sure i realigned myself right or i woulda felt it right then and there.

today, the day after my back feels fine now… no lifting till omorrow of course heavy squats and powercleans. i just grabbed the soles of my toes straightlegged; no problems. i stretch a lot btw, in order to prevent injury. story’s over; questions are on the top of the page.

i just really hope with all the idiots in my gym and their apathy and lethargy and shoddy form and wuss techniques, that IM not the one that gets called on bad form or whatever the **** that was.

im not sure what you are getting at. if you have a slipped disk you know it. trust me. i popped mine a few years ago mid rep on a squat and the pain was instant and phenomenal. you probbaly have something a bit more minor. go see an orthopedist or a chiropractor and get it checked out.

Unless you have an experienced coach, your routine is asking for injury.

oh wondering if im ABOUT to slip a disk

my routine is 5x5 created by strength coach bill starr.
edit: oh wait, you’re saying im gonna bf myself if i dont know the moves? while i dont have one anymore (college vs public gym) i was trained properly on all the moves i use, cleans and all.

not really the same question as OP, but in general, what type of pain and strain should you feel max deadlifting? I think I back off way too much, and lately just telling myself to pull harder and accept a little more strain has resulted in heavier pulls. I don’t really know what is normal and have never been injured from lifting but people talk about the pain etc after really heavy lifting or repping and I worry I am just not pushing myself near as hard as I could be

I used to have tension and strain in my lower back when squatting ATG. Form is good and I deadlift twice my BW. Went to the chiropractor and My L3 through L5 discs were banged up pretty good from a fight several months prior. Go to a chiropractor/doctor/PT. I know that’s what people usually recommend, but when it comes to your back even smaller injuries can yield in more troubles down the road.

J-- you are way overtraining my friend. Squats and deads work the same muscles. Proportionally heavy squats and deads should be done a total of once a week combined. Once per week you can squat heavy OR once per week you can dead heavy. Certainly not both and certainly not three times per week.

That might lessen your back tightness right there. Also if you have a reverse hyper at your gym use it. This machine you can use 3-4 times per week. It is as much a healing machine as it is one for development.

only heavy once a week actually; this is how what i do
% based on 5rm

5x5 ramped from 50-62.5-75-87.5-100
4x5 ramped from 50-62.5-75-75
ramped from 50-62.5-75-87.5;102.5;75

deadlift is wed only
4x5 ramped from 50-67-83-100
(i know weird numbers, but even. not hard to figure out, i start with half my 5rm and divide that by 3 to figure out the ramp eg 300x5 deadlift = 150, 200, 250, 300)

I learned my lesson bout squatting heavy; thats why i left rippetoes, or one of the reasons. in that routine, i did have my 5rm on my back for 3 sets, 3x a week. and under rippetoes progression, i was trying to add weight to the bar every day.