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Back Pain and Squats

Guys I really need your help in fixing my High bar squat. I am only taking seriously light weight, and I am still experiencing back pain. At the very bottom of my squat, i feel a crushing force on my lower back and it just doesnt feel right. I looked it up and it might be butt wink and I have read a shit ton of articles too, but they all seem to be contradicting. What was your expreince with this?? and any tips or insights

Do you have any injuries? If not, it could just mean a weakness in your lower back or you’re not doing a good job of keeping your back straight and staying tight.

Get a experienced coach that will teach you.

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Take a video and post it. You don’t have to use a weight that is giving you this pain, just enough so that you are doing the exercise. 95 lbs or something.

Crushing pain is bad. Stop squatting–its no good squatting if you’re hobbled for life. Take a video and then stop squatting–work single leg strength, hip mobility, glute activation work, and ab strength. After that–like after 4 solid weeks of tons of that–do some light lower back endurance work AFTER doing all that in your training sessions. Back endurance is important and usually compromised with injury as well as pain, but it is often secondary to all the other things being weak or non existent

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guys when i used the word crushing, i dont mean pain, it just feels like a lot of force. I think I might be going down on the swuat too fast. anways fixed up a couple of thinga like squat stance and hand placement. somewhat better. anways when i fo squats now, after the squat I can feel nothing on my back but if i try yo bend a lot, i can really feel my lower back. again no pain but I can feel it. Sorry if it doesnt make any sense. anways here is the video. https://youtu.be/CrBoUqRKHIs