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Back Pain After Squatting

So after I squat my soreness is obviously in my quads and hips/glutes but I also get a good deal of soreness in my lower back too. Normally this wouldn’t be too much of a problem because I could just rest a little more before the next workout, but right now I’m doing smolov, which requires me to squat 4X a week…

So as you can imagine I’m squatting sore sometimes, but on days when my back’s a little more sore it makes squatting a real bitch.

I squat to parallel, not ATG or anything, and usually keeping my upper back and everything really tight helps me at least finish my session, but is there anything I can do to help with this? Maybe just stuff to help recovery? Roll out my back?

Anyone have a similar problem or find a solution to it? Any help is appreciated thanks in advance.

Your probly leaning over more than you should be putting extra stress on your lower back. Double if you squat high bar and go forward even a little.

One thing that has helped me so much for lower back pain is on your off days every single off day for ever and ever even when on a lay off high Rep glute and Ham raises, reverse Hypers and ab work all 20-30 Rep range smooth and controlleded 3-5 sets. Followed by foam rolling ( I actually use a PVC pipe now) and stretching.

Also immediately after workouts in the shower 1min Hot shower 30seconds very cold (as cold as possible) about 5 rounds.

ibueprophen about 600mg a hour before squatting.

Squat ATG during smolov and your problem will disapear

I definitely wouldn’t foam roll the lower back but foam rolling the piriformis, IT band, hammy’s, quads, and hip flexors couldn’t hurt.

Remember that you always have the ace card in your back pocket if the pain starts to seem like it could be due to injury - quitting smolov and resting. There’s no gold medal or million dollar contract for completing smolov. At the end of the day all that matters is being strong and having a healthy back.

some people aren’t particularly suited to back squatting. that is why some people focus on front rather than back squats. otherwise… make sure to do glute activation stuff so that your glutes are taking the brunt of the work. the higher the bar position on your back the less stress on your lumbar back, too. some people use their lower back to do the work that the glutes should be doing. that makes it prone to overuse injury, too…