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Back or Neck Pain


How many of you have frequent back or neck pain? How often?


Like every other day man lol

Sleeping every night in a queen sized bed with two pitbulls and a woman will do that to you...


pretty consistent back pain


I have old injuries that occasionally flare up. I once had 350 lbs fall on my head compressing my spine in my neck, I couldn't turn my head for about a month...sometimes when I'm doing heavy military type presses, it re-irritates it. I once herniated a disc deadlifting in my lower back when I was younger...sometimes that flares up as well. The good news is sedentary people suffer from these pains as well and I've noticed often use the pain as an excuse to not train. Why do you ask anyway? Having some trouble?


I do have back pain when I sit for an extended period without and back support. Also, my neck bothers me once in a while. I just wanted to make sure I wasn't the only one!
People say if you dead lift correctly, you shouldn't have any back pain- and i say that's a load of bull


Today, yesterday, the day before...


Never have back pain...unless I'm doing dishes.

I only get a stiff neck if I leave a window open while I'm sleeping.


Yeah man, that's why I only do the dishes on my high carb days.


Have to agree with you on that but it does not feel like I'm getting cut in half kinda pain. I used to get that before I did deadlifts & squats(after doing my requisite physio & getting a clean chit from my doc). Now its more like lower back tightness, especially after extended periods of sitting. Some very careful massaging or ART will help.


When I was 17 or 18 I injured my lower back doing bent over dumbbell rows with craptastic form and heavy weights. It flares up usually once a year or once every 2 years doing something stupid like stepping into the shower. I can usually prevent this now through major stretching of my hams and hips.

I do have very acute pain in my lower lat (right side) right now that I've had for a week. I had done my exercises and was putting a 65lb dumbbell back on the rack and it "tweaked" somehow. Lovely! Saw a massage therapist (cost me a good $65) yesterday for 45 mins of deep tissue massage (not the feel good relaxing stuff, but the massage that brings you to tears due to the pain). Feels a lot better today, but I'm still aware of it slightly.

Neck pain? Nope, but I can crack my neck and if I can't it's a sign I need to go in and get a chiro adjustment.


I get back pain doing the dishes, too. I have no idea why.


It must be the the height of the sink, or the fact that it's meant to be a womans job.

(Run and hide for cover)


I have degenerative arthritis in my cervical facet joints. Heinous shit.


Too bad, she must have found her shoes and escaped from the kitchen.


I guess we're the only ones...