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Back Only

Im new to thr board and only been lifting for under a yr. I was a skinny fat dude because i had a nerve problem and gained 40lvs of belly fat on gabapentin. Well after 3 back surgeries in 2011 i gain all kinds of weight. I started lifting early Jan. But shattered my foot in june. And finally had surgery on my foot in oct. So i just been dead lifting again two wks. While in the cast i only did back, shoulders and chest weekly with two days ofhand bike cardio. My nerve problem still exist but workin around it. VA doesnt give a shit about marines so a personal trainer was my best bet to get my core strong enough to be comfortable again.

Im hooked and began training for power lifting. Im posting a back picture only with my stats. Im just wondering if my soread seems to be going in a good direction for a power lifter.

Im 5’10" & 212.5lbs estimated 16% body fat. Which im workin on now that ive started putting on size. Ill post a before frontal pic of how tiny i was too.

Here is back shot

I was 180 @20% body fat before i forgot to add… A skinny 180 but with a gut.

Before pic

Your back looks like a regular back with drawings on. You’re not 16% BF. Can’t tell for sure with out a frontal pic but i’m guessing 20+%