Back On TRT, Labs After 8 Weeks

Hey guys I just got back on trt and had my first labs drawn after being on for 8 weeks. I take 50mg twice weekly so 100mg a week. I feel way better. My levels off trt for total was 306 and my free testosterone was at 6. I noticed my estrogen was a bit elevated on these labs and when I was on trt at the same dosage my estrogen was in range. I’ve attached photos of my labs and would appreciate input since I have a telehealth appointment tomorrow with my doctor to go over them.


If you feel great, leave it alone, if you feel there’s room for improvement, talk to your doctor about increasing the dosage 10-20 mg.

As far as the slightly elevated estrogen, if you feel fine, no reason to mess with it.

Right on! Thanks for your input. I just want to get it dialed in. Do the levels look good to you on paper? I had simular levels on this dosage many months ago. I had around mid 500 total with 15 being my free and estrogen was around 30.

Oops last question what could be done if I did need to lower my estrogen? I do split doses twice weekly.

Numbers on paper alone are never a good marker for health, how one feels is more important as long as hormones levels are within reason.

Hormone levels aren’t static, you will still have fluctuations within a 24 hour period. Lab timing, food eaten and exercise affect your estrogen levels. Drink a beer and watch your estrogen levels rise.

You were off TRT for a while, this could have degraded your health to a point that was worse than from the first time you were on TRT.

Did you gain any weight while off TRT?