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back on the wagon

or is it off the wagon? lol, anyways. i am a happy juicer today. starting my next cycle tomorrow. will be doing organon sust at 250mgs/eod and proline tren at 100mgs/ed for 8 weeks. dbol at 50mgs/ed for 6. frontloading the sust with 2cc’s/eod for the first 4 shots. adex and HCG throughout and clomid/tribex post. just a couple updates. the sust was hurting real bad in a couple of test shots last week. i am cutting it 1 for 1 with usp sterile oil. works beautifully. i have zero, and i mean zero pain now. i wont be missing a squat workout this cycle. you guys that have done sust or prop in the glutes or quads know what i am saying. as for the acne on my chest and shoulders. i have been on minocycline for 5 days now and have already noticed a huge improvement. i am very psyched about this drug. seems to react very well on me. now i just have to see how it does when the sustanon inflames it again. if it inflames it again. i plan on running the minocycline about 4 weeks in hoping it will stave off the acne to a large degree. i’ll keep you all posted

why are u waiting to start the minocycline? as far as i know it takes a bit to kick in, so u may want to start it up right away.

yup 3x. i started it last week. i am seeing its benefits already. i will be running it about 4 weeks in to the cycle. hoping this staves off a flare up from the sust. i’ll get off for the last 4 and see how they go. i am curious if this will have the same effect as accutane. as far as shutting down future acne. any thoughts? your in depth knowledge is appreciated on the matter.

oh, ok, i got confused…

honestly though, i dont understand the rationale of “cycling” the antibiotic. i would run it throughout and certainly post-cycle. you may or may not have experienced it, but upon cessation of androgen use, people have a tendency to flare up big time. so that would be my advice. but i would also recommend you using doxcycline instead. i cant say for sure on whether or not you will run into liver issues with the minocycline. i dont think you would, but you never know. if youre going to be getting blood work done (especially during your cycle), id be interested in hearing about how it goes…

and lets not get to carried away here with the “in-depth knowledge here”…i may know a bit more than most, but by no means am i a doctor and obviously any advice i give should be taken with a major grain of salt and you should discuss it with your own derm…nevertheless, thanks for the compliment.

i will ask for a script for the doxcycline. i was thinking of cycling off the minocycline just because of the possible liver toxicity since i am also using 50mgs/ed of bulgarian dbol for 6 weeks. kind of trying to find a middle ground whereas i wouldnt expose my liver to an entire 8 weeks but i would still reap the benefit of the antibiotic for half of the exposure time to the sustanon which i believe is the culprit. but as you explained the doxcycline would accomplish just that. thanks again.