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Back on the Wagon


So after taking two weeks off after the hot rox contest, it's time for me to get back to work and get the fat off. I have an awesome coach and a great diet plan and all the motivation from the forum. Oh yeah baby I will get to 10% take that to the bank! (Might take me awhile but I'll get there)

As for training, I am planning on following Joel and Coach Staley's EDT training as outlined in his cheaters diet. Got a couple of questions though;

Glute ham raise; I'm not sure I can do even one, should I keep working them until I can do them? or swap in something else?

Is this a two on one off split?
(Monday session a, tuesday session b, wed rest, thur A, fri B, sat rest ect...)

Is this an 18 day cycle only? Best to follow this with...what??? (Was thinking of following Char-dawg Hot Rox advice and do some 5x5)


Yo phatman,
Believe it or not...you are not part of the minority in terms of NOT being able to do a glute/ham raise. I dont know many people who can do one...myself included. I tend to do the eccentric portion of the exercise as controlled as possible and I often have to "help" myself back up to the starting position by slightly pushing myself back up, albeit I try to allow my hammies to do most of the work...;o) Like I said, not many people can perform an all-out glute/ham raise without atleast some assistance. Regardless, they are still a staple in my routines and I consider them one of, of not THE best exercise for the hamstrings.

Good luck my man...Tony G


18 day cycles followed by 5x5 and HIIT for an equal time period work well. If after the "off" time, you want to give it another go, feel free to do so.

Take another look at the article for the split information; you are training w/ weights once every four days alternating sessions A and B.

As for the glute ham raises, substitute them w/ Glute/Ham Pullthroughs on a low cable w/ a tricep rope. If you need pictures, email me.

Take care,



Good to see your determination, keep at it. Sorry I can't help re the Cheaters Diet but you raise an interesting point re the GHR. This is one of the trendy moves right now and very difficult, I would include them but not rely on them, make sense? What I mean is do them trying to get better but include another exercise as well that you can get full reps on such as RDL's, or GM's.


That's what most people do with the GHR. Go slow with the eccentric and then just push yourself back up. In fact, I don't know anyone that can do even one true GHR.


Well, anytime you follow my advice you're doing the right thing. That goes without saying. :wink:

In this case, however, I followed Joel's advice. So you get a double-whammy. Or something like that.

I substituted calf raises for GH raises when I did the routine. I love EDT, I think it's a great program, I've gotten good results from it every time I've used it. But that doesn't mean that it should be used willy-nilly with absolutely everything and every exercise. It makes no sense to me whatsoever to try to do a 10-20 minute EDT block of an exercise that you can't even perform ONE rep at. I mean, think about it.

You've already got two hamstring movements in the program anyway, and the whole point is to try for maximum glycogen depletion. So it's not going to matter what you substitute in for you the GH raises, so long as it's not something like Left Pinky Curls. I used calf raises because I wanted to do something for my calves during the contest; if you're not worried about that I'd recommend some other movement that uses as large a muscle as you can think of.

Hope this helps.


Dammit Char now I have to scrap those ballistic left pinkie curls, they are my fav movement!

Thanks for the advice, Guys! I appreciate it.