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Back on the Saddle


I would appreciate opinions, on starting back woking out. My legs are severally lagging the rest of my development. Would it be a good idea to give myself 4-6 weeks of just a 3day a week leg program, with major focus on squats, bb hipthrust, glute ham raises?


If you're just getting back into it you could easily manage 3 x a week for legs, no problem.

Personally not a fan of hipthrusts, I'd probably do RDLs instead.


Hi, Mbdix. What weights are you using? I assume Brett means if you're starting up with light resistance, then several times a week is OK. Once you start getting heavy weights, though, you're really pounding the body, so the frequency has to come down. Brett, what do you think the cutoff should be?


I don't think there ever needs to be one. I'm a great believer in that the body adapts to whatever you force it to.

I wasted years "undertraining" because everyone said "you can't possibly squat 3x a week and not burn out" or "you shouldn't squat and deadlift the same day" etc.

Sure, if you're used to only squatting once a week, upping it to four times a week might be a struggle straight away, but it's not something that can't be built up to. Christ, Eddie Izzard ran 43 marathons in 51 days with no prior significant training, do you think he'd have managed that if he listened to what people thought he was capable of or what was possible?

I hate imposing arbitrary limits on people. If you can't handle squatting more than once a week then I think you need to get fitter for the task. Not decide that it's impossible.


What are your goals? In what ways are your legs severely lagging? Are you talking about only working out your legs 3x/week for 4-6 weeks and no other lifts? What is your training history?

The people here have a great deal of knowledge but you may need to give a little more detail to get the responses you are looking for.