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Back on the Ladder

Hello all,

I have recently started a new teaching job which has completely changed my routine, leaving me with long working days, little motivation and a lot of general fatigue.

Tomorrow I will finish my last workout of Beach Body Challenge, have a deload week, then start a new program. Does anyone have any recommendations for getting back on the ladder with training? I’m thinking of lowering my TMs and starting something simple like 5’s pro with 5x5 FSL for a couple of cycles- maybe with Jack Shit thrown in there for particularly bad days! I just need a program that I can do after a long day no matter how crap or run down I feel, just to spark a bit of joy in training again and allow me to get back on the ladder!


Beginner Prep from Forever.

During kayak racing season endurance training used up all my energy and so I just did a 5s pro version of Jack shit (no supplemental) with some accessories (rows, etc.). I didn’t try to increase the weights, I just left them the same each cycle, and otherwise focused on paddling.

The racing season just ended and so during the winter I will get back to a more regular 531 program. Prior to starting that, I just did anTM check and low and behold my strength has increased and I can increase all my TMs.

The moral is, do something simple like Jack Shit while you figure out your schedule, etc. You can still make progress though it might not be immediately visible.

I work 10 hour shifts (law enforcement) and have 4 kids and 2 step kids. Between housework, to do lists, works, kid activities…I’m busy and tired. Krypteia is my go to. In and out of the gym (I have a garage gym) in 30-45 minutes. Conditioning when I can. Yoga videos with the wife a couple days a week. Works for me and my busy life

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So what Jim is advising this dude to do is something like this:

for example

Mon - Squats plus a Push movement and a Pull movement

Wed - Bench plus a Pull and a Core/Single Leg

Fri - DL plus a Push and a Pull

next Mon - OH Press plus a Pull and Core/Single Leg

Wed - Squats etc.