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Back on the Horse


Hey fellas, long time no see eh? :wink:

To recap, I just took about 6 months off from anabolics. I felt I was using it as a crutch and I was hurting myself in the long term. So during that break I really buckled down on my training and diet and I am now by far the strongest and biggest I've ever been even when on AAS.

Right now I'm floating around 278-280 and now that I have everything in line I'm ready to give this another go. This time around I'll be using the "Trinity of Evil" of test, dbol and tren. I administered my first injection this morning, and damn, it's good to be back, haha.

Uhh stats right now, 20 years old, 6'2, 278-280 lbs 5 years training. My goal for this cycle is to break 300 lbs and then reevaluate and possibly jump into some competition pretty soon down the road.

Cycle looks like this:
W: 1-10 375 mg test E sat/wed
W: 4-10 40 mg dbol/day
W: 4-10 50 mg Tren A/day

Then obviously adex and nolva. Feel free to comment guys. Thanks!


Didn't realize you were so young you big bastard!

I think that is great what you did, getting your diet straightened out and all. I am sure you are gonna grow like crazy now.

Is that 7 weeks of tren + dbol? That is evil.

You might just wanna have the test shots end 2 weeks earlier than your dbol and tren at the end because then you can start PCT a day or two after your last tren shot rather than 2 weeks of waiting at sub-optimal levels.

In that case, you could front load the test and run it for 8 weeks.

One more thing. If you are shooting Tren A every day then you might as well shoot the Test (Enanthate I assume) every day as well in the same syringe. This will insure the most stable blood levels.

Just realized you could have meant test prop which in that case don't worry about stopping it sooner.


If I'm reading that correctly, it looks like you're planning on using 750mg test EOD for all 10 weeks, which puts you at over 2.5 grams of test per week. I assume you were either referring to your frontload or that you meant 250mg EOD.

The way I read it looked like a ton of testosterone, which isn't neccessarily a bad thing. Otherwise it looks good. Its interesting you put the dbol for weeks 4-10 rather than using it as a kickstart.


Sorry I tried to edit but it didn't go through. It's supposed to be 750 mg/week or 375 EOD.

And also yah I frontloaded 750 this morning. Those two thoughts ran together.


Yah, I discussed it with some of the vets and they believe that kick starting is a thing of the past. It makes sense really. By the 4 week mark I know the test will be at it's highest levels (even though I frontloaded) and then when I add in the tren and dbol it will be a huge boost and I'll have 6 weeks of some sexy synergy.


Bence is right. You definitely want to cut the enan after 8 weeks so you can start PCT in week 11 (2 days after your last tren ace injection). You could switch to test prop for weeks 9-10 and then start PCT 3 days after last prop shot.

Get good gear and make the best of it.


375mg EOD is still 1313mg! You mean 375 2x/wk? or 215mg EOD?


Sounds like a good idea. I actually remember you fixing this cycle for me forever ago, but I forgot the changes you had made.

Will do then, I'll stop at 8 weeks. Guess I'll be upping the dose.

Brook: Yah I edited it to 2x a week, my first post was a cluster fuck of errors haha


I have not read the entire thread - but what is your bodyfat approximately?


I'm not sure, maybe 15 or 16%?

I can still see all 6 abs when flexed and I still have some lines but everything is a little blurry. I'm by no means chubby or anything though, just at a comfortable bodyfat for optimal "bulking".


Ok, new question..it turns out I actually have more test than I thought, I actually have 40 cc's. So for me to run the test for only 8 weeks I would have to be running it at 1.2g/week, which is a little much me thinks.

So what do you guys think about me running the test for 10 weeks at 1g/week and not starting the tren/dbol until week 6 so I still have that 2 week lag time between the test and my last tren injection?

So it would look like this.

W 1-10: 500mg test E/2x week
W 6-12: 40 mg dbol/day
W 6-12: 50 mg tren A/day


That sounds good. And at 1g a week you won't really need a frontload IMO so it works out nicely. Looks like a damn good cycle. If it were me though I would want to run some hcg along with it.


Do you think 12 weeks is really that long enough to need it?

I have zero experience with it and haven't really looked into it much. I guess I could check with my source and see if he has any if I really need it. I'd prefer to not dish out anymore cash at the moment though. And don't you have to mix it and whatnot?

And yah I already did a "frontload" at 750 mgs, at 1g a week though that doesn't really count though hah. It also reminded me why I hate frontloading, 3 cc's into the thigh has me hobbling around lol


I wonder whay a frontload would not be needed at a certain dose?

Also at what length of time HCG is beneficial? Seeing as the testes are not working after 3 weeks surely any cycle over 4 weeks would benefit..

Way - when needing to inject large volumes - try splitting the dose into 2 or even many more injections.. so if you have 10ml to inject, use 5 areas of 2ml to do that. 3ml is a lot for any one to tolerate.


I just assumed since he had likely never gone this high with test, starting out with a 1 gram you will feel the effects pretty quickly compared to someone who is planning on doing only 500mg a week or so.


Frontloading is just about getting the peak dose faster - that's all. Whether it is 250mg/wk or 1000mg/wk - it dont matter.. the dose will still need to climb over 4-7 weeks (depending on ester) in order to max out. This is achieved faster with a frontload - as i know you know! :wink:

I personally find 1000mg a little too high.. and have recently found that 750mg of test to be more than enough of that particular drug, which is going to be the case for some time..

I remember back when i used to pay for my gear and would save up to run a cycle - and have JUST enough to do that cycle and no more. Then i dreamt of having the freedom or money to run whatever i wanted.

Now i can run whatever i want, i have found that it simply is not needed. After all this time and desire - it simply doesn't work like that.

Prisoner reminded me a while back (or told me, i think the latter) that it isn't as much to do with the drugs as i was thinking, and that sometimes with the perfect training, diet and drugs - you STILL wont Grow! You just have to plus away until you do.. so i dropped my doses, stopping chasing goals directly related to AAS dose.. and did as he said.. became a bodybuilder who uses drugs rather than a drug user who bodybuilds.. ans sure enough, when it was my turn to grow, 1.5g/wk did as much as 2.5g/wk... FYI.

BTW way.. if you can see 6 abs, then you may well be below 15-16% IME.. you look about 15% in the avatar - and i am sure you wouldn't see 6 abs in that (maybe very slightly when looking down).



Being someone who isn't looking to have kids right now, and probably isn't too worried with how his testes look, would Way need HCG at all?


I would say yes as his testes would never be shutdown making pct a lot easier to ease into. I run hcg on every cycle and I don't ever plan on having kids as my wife already has 2.


Good Stuff brook. It just goes to show that these drugs aren't magic but merely tools to help us along on this long journey of body transformation.


HCG makes a cycle so much more pleasant. It keeps the testes plump. I find it improves libido too and removes awkward feelings that atrophy can bring on. As bushmaster stated it also makes recovery a lot easier. If Way does 10 weeks of enanthate that is 12 weeks shut down. Running HCG at 250iu EOD will definitely facilitate getting back on track after that. Even if Way does his last two weeks with prop, HCG will still be a big help. It is not expensive and easy to mix. Way, step up it's time to incorporate HCG into your cycles.