Back on the Horse After a While Out - Question

Hi all,

Been off these forums for quite a while and, unsurprisingly, off the weights for just as long.

Having recently been made single I’ve joined the local gym and been in there 4-5 times a week for about an hour or so each time - basically trying to lose the tons of flab I put on and regain some of the muscle I have lost. So far lost about 12lbs in four weeks and definitely already look tons better but I still have a very long way to go, just to get back where I was.

To give me a goal to take my mind off the whole split-up thing I recently signed up for a 10k run (on Sept 21st) for Cancer Research and so in addition to lifting, I have a certain amount of cardio I need to do to make sure I can run the entire distance. Never run that far before so I just want to do it inside an hour - easy maths for me to plan for - 10kph. I know that’s a crap time but I don’t really have too long to train and my starting fitness point was very, very low.

What I had been doing so far is gradually building up my running (on a machine) at the start of the workout, running at a 1.5 incline (to simulate wind resistence) and at 10kph. I was so unfit that initially I could only do about 5mins at this pace. I am now doing 20mins.

Then I go do my resistence work (mostly 5x5 with 2 warm-up sets per exercise, concentrating on compound stuff), before finishing off with a 10min light cardio cooldown - either running, cycling, eliptical trainer etc…

Any suggestions on the best way round to do things?

Is the running at the start a good idea? My thinking was it served to warm me up for the resistence stuff later, PLUS with the heart rate already up I’d be burning more caleries thoughout the whole workout (this may be just my lack of knowledge on the subject).

Do you think I would be better served having running-only days and resistence-only days?

Would the squats, seated leg extensions and leg curls (each done vheavy but only once per week) be a benefit or hinderence to the running side of thing?

All advice or suggestions gratefully received.

I would do it the other way round, i.e do the weights first and then your run. Two reasons: one, you’ll have more gas in the tank for the weights when you are fresh, which you will need for the big exercises like Squats, deads etc. These bad boys are the big calorie burners (both during and post exe).

and two, doing the run after will mean that you will get used to doing the run in a somewhat fatigued state. This will benefit you on the actual race day because you will be fresh and therefore it will seem (relatively) easier than what you have been used to.

As your goal at the moment is to complete the run it doesn’t really matter that you mix weights and cardio in the same session, as long as you get the sessions in.

Keep the treadmill on a 1-2% gradient, as you are right it is easier than running on the road. I would also, if you can, do some actual road running sessions. Once you are up to being able to do 30 mins continuous running (after weights) you will probably want to mix your sessions up a bit, some intervals once or twice a week or some hill work, as these will give your fitness more of a kick and break the monotony too.

The heavy leg weights won’t be a problem to you for this level of run, but remember to back right off on the week before the event so you are fresh on the day. I wouldn’t do any leg weights for say 7-10 days before and also only some light cardio in the last week. Most people train too close to the event…if you’re not fit enough to do it by a week before, then you’re not going to change that in the last week left!

Thanks mate,

Lots of food for thought there…

Want to get back to road running soon but waiting for payday so I can get some decent running shoes again before pounding the hard stuff.

Also, VERY good point about the week before!

Thanks again

Damn 1pack, it has been a while.

Stay on it this time!

haha will do RSG!