Back on the Grind



Flat BB Bench: 10x100, 8x120, 6x135, 6x180
Med ball toss from chest
Incline DB Press: 18x50s, 13x50s, 9x45s
BB Rows: 10x95, 10x115, 10x135, 10x135
Cable Face Pulls: 10x75, 10x75, 10x75, 8x75
BB Shrugs: 15x135, 13x185, 13x185, 15x185
BB Curls: 14x65, 10x75, 9x85, 10x65


Weight: 172

BB Back Squats: 10x135, 8x165, 6x180, 5x245
Speed Squats
Walking Lunges: 10x40s, 10x40s, 10x40s
RDLs: 10x135, 8x185, 7x185
Ab Circuit (V-Ups, Toe Touches, Windshield Wipers) 20, 20, 20


Weight: 174

Flat DB bench: 15x45s, 14x50s, 12x55s, 15x50s
Lat pulldowns: 12x150, 10x175, 9x175, 12x150
Scarecrows: 10x10s, 8x15s, 10x10s, 10x10s
DB military press: 12x25s, 10x30s, 10x35s, 12x30s
DB shrugs: 10x70s, 10x80s, 10x80s
DB curls: 10x30s, 8x35s, 10x30s
Plate pinches (10s): 60, 60, 45


Weight: 175

Box jumps: 5,5,5,5,5,1
DB step ups: 8x40s, 8x40s, 8x40s
GHR: 6,6,6
Hanging leg raises (knees bent), 30, 45, 45, 30
Decline weighted crunches (45 lbs), 15, 15, 15, 15


Weight: 174

Push press: 6x100, 6x105, 6x115, 6x125, 5x145
Flat bench DB press: 18x50s, 15x55s, 17x50s
Seated cable rows: 12x125, 12x150, 8x165, 12x125
Rear dealt flyes: 12x15s, 12x20s, 10x20s, 10x15s
DB shrugs: 10x70s, 8x70s, 8x70s, 6x70s
Hammer curls: 10x35s, 10x40s, 7x45s, 8x35s



Bb deadlifts: 6x225, 6x245, 6x265, 6x285, 5x340
DB step ups: 8x40s, 8x40s, 8x40s
Reverse hypers: 10xbw, 10xbw, 10xbw
Crunches (2 sec hold on top): 50,50,50
Hanging leg raises: 30sec, 35sec, 40sec


Weight: 176

Flat bench Bb press: 15x115, 15x125, 15x125, 14x135
Lat pulldowns: 12x150, 12x175, 7x195, 12x175
Straight arm pulldowns: 12x100, 12x120, 12x120, 12x120
DB military press (palms in): 12x35s, 12x40s, 9x45s, 12x40s
Bb shrugs (w/straps): 12x225, 12x225, 12x225
Tricep cable pressdown: 12x125, 12x150, 12x150
Heavy DB Holds: 60sec x 70s, 45sec x 70s, 40sec x 70s


Weight: 179

Weighted box jumps: 5x10s, 5x15s, 5x20s, 5x25s, 5x20s, 5x20s
Split squats: 8x35s, 8x35s, 8x35s
RDLs: 8x185, 8x185, 8x185
Weighted side bends: 15x65, 15x65, 15x65, 15x65
Weighted sit ups: 15x30, 15x30, 15x30, 15x30



Flat Bb bench: 6x125, 6x135, 6x145, 6x160, 6x190
DB floor press: 19x60s, 15x60s, 12x60s
Seated cable rows: 12x150, 11x170, 10x170, 12x150
Reverse bench press (pull): 12xbw, 12xbw, 12xbw, 12xbw
Behind the back BB shrugs (2sec hold on top): 10x185, 10x205, 10x205, 10x205
Seated incline DB curls: 10x25s, 10x30s, 8x35s, 7x30s


Weight: 178

Bb back squats: 6x170, 6x185, 6x200, 6x215, 5x255
Reverse Lunges: 8x25s, 8x25s, 8x25s
RDLs: 8x135, 6x135
Ab circuit (v ups, toe touch crunches, windshield wipers): 20, 20, 20


Weight: 178

Flat bench DB Press: 12x60s, 12x65s, 12x70s, 12x70s
Straight Arm Pulldowns: 12x125, 10x150, 10x150, 12x150
L-Lateral DB Raises: 8x30s, 10x25s, 10x25s, 10x20s
DB Shrugs: 12x70s, 12x80s, 12x80s
Skull Crushers: 12x65, 12x75, 8x95


Weight: 181

Push Press: 6x115, 6x125, 5x130, 5x140, 5x155
Flat DB Press: 17x60s, 15x60s, 15x60s
BB Rows: 10x135, 10x155, 10x155, 12x135
BB Shrugs: 15x225, 15x225, 15x225, 15x225
BB Curls: 13x65, 12x75, 8x85, 12x65


Weight: 181

Deads: 6x250, 6x175, 5x290, 5x310, 5x350


Crunches w/ 2 sec hold: 50, 50, 50
Hanging knee raises: 30sec, 30sec, 30sec


Weight: 184

Flat DB bench: 13x60, 12x70, 12x75, 8x80s
Lat pulldowns: 12x150, 12x175, 8x200 , 12x175
Scarecrows: 10x15s, 10x15s, 10x15s, 10x15s
DB military press: 12x30s, 12x35s, 12x40s, 8x40s
DB shrugs: 10x80s, 10x90s, 10x80s
DB curls: 10x35s, 10x35s, 10x35s
Plate pinches: 60sec, 45, 45



DB side bends: 10x60, 10x60, 10x60, 10x60
DB sit ups: 15x30, 15x30, 15x30, 15x30