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Back on the Fat Loss Wagon

About a year ago, I did a V-Diet to completion, and while it got me to my lowest-ever weight of 207, I was extremely weak afterwards. A few months later, I got on the Indigo-3G craze and was one of the team 1 members, which led to me gaining the most fat in the shortest time I’ve ever gained with no appreciable gains in size or strength (as measured by regular Biosignature evaluations).

Sick of the bullshit, I went off and just simplified my diet - just eating meats, nuts, and veggies whenever I was hungry, with a cheat meal every 7-8 days - and I’ve gotten a lot bigger and a lot stronger. I’ve not gained too much fat in the ensuing months after I3G, but I still have all the fat I had left over while I was on I3G.

I’m now at about 235, and I want to do some fat loss stuff again. I haven’t been following T-Nation or Elite lately, so I’m not sure what’s the best for fat loss. The only thing I’m sure of is that intermittent fasting has never really worked for me as an every-day kind of thing, but it is useful doing it a few days a week. Outside that, I’m not sure what the hell to do.

I’d prefer a plan that’s a bit quicker and more restrictive rather than one that’s more forgiving. Like I said, I managed a full V-Diet, so I don’t give a crap what I have to do, I just want to know WHAT to do so long as it actually works.

Thanks in advance. Also, have a picture of a dog.