back-off week

Here’s my training plan:
bench 10x3 5rm 1min rest
pullups 26x2, 30sec. rest

bench 5x6 90sec. rest
pullups same as monday

bench 10x4 5rm 1min rest
pullups 10x3, 30 sec. rest
russian twists 5x5 60sec rest

bench 5x8 90sec rest
pullups 5x6 60sec rest
russian twist 5x5 60sec rest

week3 (this week):
bench 10x5 (5rm from week 1, 1min rest)
pullups 7x4, 30sec. rest
russian twist 5x5 60sec rest

bench 5x10 90sec rest
pullups 7x4, 30sec rest

The Bench press is performed according to Chad Waterbury’s principles and the pullups are performed with bodyweight using the bear principle. also on off days, i do 100 pushups and a reverse ladder (54321) for pullups for recovery.

Now, my question is, what kind of a backoff week (week 4) should i employ??
my shoulders/delts are quite taxed…
I’m 18 by the way, just came back from a couple of months layoff because of a leg injury
should i perhaps cut the sets in half, or cut the weight?? any comments would be appreciated.

If you primary goal is hypertrophy, take off week 4 from training (i.e., no weight-training or cardio).