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Back Off Sets Chest Training

Playing a little around with program design. I made a thread the other day about shoulder routines, and for shoulders i plan to use about 6 exercises, but for chest, i really only like three exercises. My focus is on the upper chest for now, so im using the Low DB Incline Press and the Low to high Fly for upper chest, and im also doing Flat DB Press to stimulate the middle pecs a little.
So the workout goes like this:
DB Incline: 2 warm up sets, 2-3 work up sets ramping up to a 8-10RM, and then reduce the weight by 10 percent and do two back off sets of 10-12, reduce weight by another 10 percent and do a final back off set of 12-15.
Flat DB Press: Ramp up to 8-10RM.
Low to High Fly: 3 sets, 8-10 reps a step away from the machine, 8-10 to failure closer to the machine.
8 sets total, all done to concentric muscle failiure, done once a week.
Does this look like a good hypertrophy focused chest routine? Any inputs would be greatly appreciated.

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