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Back Off/Deloading Weeks


Would anyone care to share what they do during their backoff/deloading weeks?? I'd like some ideas, please.


Depends on what kind of lifting you are doing. I'm powerlifting right now and have a meet in April. So from 11 weeks out of the meet I went 4 weeks of 5X5 leading to overtraining, then 5 weeks of deloading at 3X3 where my first week of 3X3 weight was at the same for my last week of 5X5. The last 2 weeks before the meet will be minimal work at all.


Whatever I feel like. I usually like to play sports that I don't really have time to play during the school-year (law school) while also training hard at the gym. Pick-up game of soccer, basketball, go for a good run. I'll also do some bodyweight work if I feel like it. Pull-ups, dips, push-ups but nothing to strenuous. By the end of the week, I'm always itching to lift something heavy.